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About Us

Welcome to Custom Kollections

Custom Kollections is inspired by exquisite underground urban clothing artists who are building their brand as well as those who have reached high levels but are not yet in your designer retailers.

Whether you have the design bug but no business skills or all the business skills but lack the complete ability to put it down on paper, custom Kollections will help you through the whole process.

The cool thing is, that you keep your design to you, sell, or profit share. If you needed help to build your own brand, we partnered up with Thekellyenterprise consulting group ltd.

​and touch the globe inc. To provide any sales and marketing tips, strategies, and monitoring help that would be required in the process of building your brand name.


​Not sure how to start your brand, but can design an amazing shirt, let us help you get established


You looking to increase your revenue and enter a retail store. This is just the place


Not sure you like the whole business vibe but can design. Let us sell it and pay you

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