About Us

Welcome to Custom Kollections

Custom Kollections is inspired by unique underground clothing artists, influencers, and athletes who are always on the move.

Whether you are being a couch potato, going to an outing, or hitting the gym, you will not go unnoticed. Designed to be noticed, we want you to feel confident in everything you do.

We love to work with the new players in the game, sponsoring and enabling up and coming public figures. We pride ourselves in being an outlet to a community and network of those who support and work with each other to reach stardom.  

We like to set ourselves different from other athletic brands, staying on our hustle and actually being on the move. 

Staying active in the gym, supporting our team by having a presence at entertainment events, while holding fashion shows, doing giveaways, and expanding the brand name of those who live, breathe, & sweat success.


With social media having an impact on your draft stock, you want to make sure you’re noticed in the rubble.


Exercising is vital when trying to keep your mind fresh to pick up inspiration for the next viral hit. You’ll always be ready for the camera.


When you’re always on the move , you should want to stay comfortable but still look stylish. We specialize in being noticed.